A little handpicked compendium of very nice to disturbingly awesome fictional LP covers. ¶ I don’t own any of the rights to the music. ¶ I just try to get rid of ideas or inspirations to stay focus on serious projects. So some of the designs might not be inspired by the music. They are furthermore driven by ideas I try to build in somewhere. Nevertheless these are the musicians that make my penis feel weird. It’s also nice to use typefaces I just recently fell in love with or even better to use my own designs. ¶ No Cover takes longer than one hour max. ¶ Most of the backgroundmaterial ( fotos / textures / everything else ) is stolen from the internet. Sorry for being a beneficiary of others hard work. Please don’t sue me. ¶ And yes, this is not really a »daily-thing« but the name is just too cool to change.

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Ben Howard — The Burgh Island
  1. Ben Howard — The Burgh Island

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