One LP Cover A Day
A little handpicked compendium of very nice to disturbingly awesome fictional LP covers. ¶ I don’t own any of the rights to the music. ¶ I just try to get rid of ideas or inspirations to stay focus on serious projects. So some of the designs might not be inspired by the music but furthermore driven by ideas I try to build in somewhere. Nevertheless these are the musicians that make my penis feel weird. ¶ No Cover takes longer than one hour max. ¶ Most of the backgroundmaterial ( fotos / textures / everything else ) is stolen from the internet. Sorry for being a beneficiary of others hard work. Please don’t sue me. ¶ And yes, this is not really a »daily-thing« but the name is just too cool to change.

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Californication — Sountrack
La Dispute — Hudsonville, MI 1956
La Dispute — Woman (in mirror)
La Dispute — For Mayor In Splitsville
La Dispute — 35
La Dispute — First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice
La Dispute — Woman (reading)
La Dispute — Stay Happy There
Converge — Jane Doe
Touché Amoré — Non-Fiction
Crime In Stereo — XXXX [The First Thousand Years Of Solitude].

Yes, I know there is a certain resemblance to the »The XX«-Cover. Unfortunately.
Title Fight — In-Between
Titel Fight — Spring Songs
Comeback Kid — Die Tonight
Crime In Stereo — Unfortunate Tourist